According to ancient folklore, the island is named after the nymph Kerkyra who was taken by Poseidon (Neptune) and settled on the island, where she gave birth to Faiaka. Later the island was named Korifo (peak) after the twin peaked citadel of the island’s capital. Deriving from this name, the inhabitants were called Korifi or Korfi, which is why in Latin the island was named Corfu, Corfou.


Due to its natural beauty, the island haw attracted since ancient times visitors of an international fame, such as, The Great Alexander, Nero Kikairon, Vespasian and others. The melancholic Empress Sissy found a haven on the island and built her “Achilleion” here. The island’s charm is immortalized by artistic men, such as, Oscar Wilde, Gerald Durrell, Alfred Sisley and Edward Lear. It is not by chance that the island’s name is a synonym for beauty and for many it is a splendid holiday resort.

 In Corfu you can enjoy a variety of tastes: cosmopolitan life, theatre, music, night life, art and museums. You will relax in the island’s isolation, find yourself lost in the famous kantounia (alleys) which are noisy from the tourists, you will delight in the deep green of the nature and sunbathe on the endless beaches on which you will enjoy to swim. Do not forget to taste the local cuisine. The specialities of the island are “bourtheto”, “pastichada” and “sofrito”.







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