In its place there used to stand the ancient city of Verenikia or Veneniki, built in 290 BC by King Pirros of Ipiros. When the city of NIKOPOLIS was destroyed by the Bulgarians in 1065 AD, the city, now known as Preveza, was founded in the place of Vereniki and there flourished. Firstly, the city was conquered by the Franks and then by the Turks, who built a naval port and shipyard there. The turn of the Venetians came next, who after capturing the city many times and subsequently losing it, finally managed to overthrow the Turks once and for all, afterwards building a stronghold there in the early part of the 18th century. The Venetians kept the city until the end of the 18th century, when it was lost to the French. However, the French only held the city for one year as they in turn lost it to Ali Pasa. Finally, the Hellenic army liberated the city in 1912.

It is a traditional city, reflecting the color of the islands. As it was under the Venetian – Turkish rule for many years, the architecture is reminiscent of those types, with narrow and curved roads. There are hot springs (hydrochloric), which are good for rheumatics and arthritis. In the summer a festival is arranged with folk dancing. In August there is the “Sardines’ fete”, where you may enjoy the excellent taste of grilled sardines, a delicious supplement for wine. During the last years yachting in Preveza has grown quickly.

Do not forget to eat “kefalos” (striped grey mullet), which is cut and opened into two parts and dried in the sun and is a very rare taste. This is the speciality of the city called “Petali”. Ask for white barrel wine. It is very good.







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